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Naperville Painting Contractor|Can I Paint Inside in Winter?

Posted by Bruce Watson on Sun, Aug 19, 2012 @ 03:36 PM

University of Chicago Campus WinterWinter is usually a time we associate with cozy evenings, a warm drink and a blanket, but these chilly months can also be a great time for interior painting. With windows tightly closed and heating systems running, many homeowners wonder if it is safe or advisable to paint inside during the winter. In most cases, the answer is “yes, absolutely!”

Is It Safe to Paint Inside in Winter?

If you are using latex (water-based) paints to paint your home interior, the odors from the drying paint can be distinct. In normal amounts, however, the smell is not harmful and it will clear up in a few days. With fans running to circulate the air, and with your heat running, the “new paint smell” will dissipate even more quickly.

Painting a WallSome people are more sensitive to paint smells, or they worry about exposure to paint odors during pregnancy. If someone in your home is pregnant or is sensitive to the smell of paint, there are many low-VOC and no-VOC products available, which are virtually odorless and contain no harmful compounds (though we wouldn’t recommend drinking it!).

Some painting products have flammable fumes, which can be a problem when used near an oven, space heater, water heater and certain other appliances. Just check the warning labels on the paint before you buy it. Most typical interior paints will not be a problem.

Does Interior Painting Work Well in Winter?

Our Chicago winters can be brutal, and of course we avoid exterior painting during these months, but does the cold affect the performance of paint when painting indoors? Not Usually.

If your house has a heating system running and the walls are even minimally insulated, you should be fine. The winter is a low-humidity season, and heating systems further dry the air, so paint will generally dry and cure normally. The interior surfaces of your exterior walls might dry more slowly than normal if they are cold to the touch. This isn’t normally a problem, and the drying can be sped up with fans, a dehumidifier, a space heater or a combination of the three.

imagesIf you have any dreams for interior painting this winter, don’t let the cold hold you back. You can grab a brush and ladder and do it yourself, or call a Chicago painting contractor such as Jalapeno Paint Werx. We are experienced with low-odor and no-VOC painting products.

Based in Naperville, Illinois, Jalapeno serves Geneva, St. Charles,  Wheaton, Hinsdale, Elmhurst, Wheaton, Aurora, Batavia, Downers Grove and more.

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