House Painters

Hire house painters for your next project from Jalapeno Paint Werx, a Chicagoland, award-winning residential and commercial painting company. From Naperville, IL, Jalapeno Paint Werx provides exceptional services with the skills and materials provided by partnerships within the industry, such as those with the following:

All of the house painters hired on by Jalapeno Paint Werx have been industry trained and ready to accomplish any painting task. They are skilled in both safety measures and painting techniques to ensure your home is properly taken care of and the project completed properly.

Schedule your estimate with Jalapeno Paint Werx today using the contact information, or call its office at 630-527-1829.

Master house painters at your service!

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior work on your home, Jalapeno Paint Werx house painters are qualified for the job! When you project starts you will get a crew led by a project manager. Each of the project managers at Jalapeno Paint Werx has at least 15 years experience, providing unparalleled services, which are both time and budget sensitive.

When you hire house painters with Jalapeno Paint Werx , everything from color selection to furniture moving to full cleanup are provided in addition to the actual painting.

Project time!

Get your project going today! Schedule that estimate and your home will have expert home painters ready to go from Jalapeno Paint Werx!