House Painting Company

Jalapeno Paint Werx is the place to go when you need an exceptional house painting company to do work on your home. We do everything from paint touch-ups to full remodeling and renovations when it

comes to the cosmetics of your home.

As a premier house painting company, Jalapeno Paint Werx provides both interior and exterior painting services for your home, as well as commercial painting services as contracted. To get started with your next home project, contact us at 630-527-1829 to get started. We offer free estimates on all jobs before contacting your project!

Let’s talk about color!

Not everyone is an expert interior designer, which is why companies like Jalapeno Paint Werx are hired. Our unique perspective as a house painting company comes from our use of an internal design team. We oversee your project from start to finish, which includes a color consultation with our very own color expert!

Choosing color(s) can be a challenge, but with us the process is easy! Your color consultation will help you choose the right style for your home. Whether you are looking for a classic, bold, or modern color scheme, we can help guide you to the right options!

Call Jalapeno Paint Werx today at 630-527-1829 and hire a local house painting company that will ensure your project is completed on time and how you want it done!