Best Interior Colors for Resale

For many generations, Americans have moved from one home to another as their jobs and families change. Many first or second-time home buyers approach the sale as a temporary condition even though they aren’t sure what lies ahead. They just know they’ll need more space or to be in a different town or city. The real planners know that any improvements they make should be broadly appealing and more in line with today’s trends so they can maximize their investment when it comes time to move. 

At Jalapeno Paint Werx, we occasionally get calls from these forward-thinkers, asking us for suggestions on the best interior colors for resale. While we appreciate the trust, we oftentimes have to admit that no one can make a guarantee on the best colors for resale. No one can know the hot new color three years down the road. So instead of making specific color suggestions, we tell people to stick to the basics. Use color combinations carefully and tastefully. Avoid loud or intensely bright colors. Also avoid any color that is too dim or may cause the illusion of less space. Aside from that, we suggest that people go with lighter or basic color tones that can enhance a room without taking it over. If you know you’re going to sell, you want to accent the room and use the color to draw out potential selling points. The only reason to put money into a house you’re going to sell is because you fully expect to increase the home’s value beyond the price of the work. Find out what to do and when in order to get the most out of selling your home by reaching out to Jalapeno Paint Werx today!