Best Living Room Paint Color

When it comes to choosing new paint colors for your home, it is always a personal preference. At Jalapeno Paint Werx, you can work one on one with experts who know color and all the effects it has on your mood and visual appearance. 

During a color consultation, you will be able to select the best living room paint color that ties together your whole living space. Whether you want to go more neutral with creams, nudes, and grays or take a bold step towards a deep accent wall, your color consultation will help you select the right path. 

Before you can jump straight to selecting the best living room paint color though, you need to set up an estimate with a trained professional at Jalapeno Paint Werx. In about one hour of your time, you will have a true understanding of the cost associated with your next home project. Set up your estimate online or call 630-527-1829 for an in-house consultation. 

What are the best colors? 

That depends on with whom you are talking. On the blog, Jalapeno Paint Werx experts talk about trends in color, ways to add style with color, and how refreshing your walls can refresh your mood. Ultimately, the best living room paint color comes down to what works for your home. 

Are you selling your home soon? A good neutral gray or cream would be the right choice. If you are looking to brighten up your home, go light and warm with your color palette. 

Consider painting more than just walls

Adding color to your interiors can mean more than just adding color to your walls. Let Jalapeno Paint Werx help you get creative! A pop of color on your baseboards or painting your interior doors can be just as effective. 

Start your next project now! Call 630-527-1829 for a consultation today!