Professional Home Painters

Don’t go through the mess and distress of painting your home yourself when you can hire professional home painters from Jalapeno Paint Werx. Our company, based out of Naperville, IL, provides both residential and commercial services to the surrounding Chicagoland suburbs and city limits.

Our professional home painters are trained and experienced in all aspects of painting and are familiar with projects involving walls, cabinets, trim, doors, and more. No matter what surfaces you are looking to get redone or renovated in your home, Jalapeno Paint Werx can help! Get started today by calling us at 630-527-1829 to set up your estimate.

Additional services available!

Jalapeno Paint Werx professional home painters go above and beyond your standard paint job. At an additional cost, we also provide drywall repair, as well as wallpaper removal and installation. Our company is readily available to help you turn your house into your dream home!

Throughout your project, we make sure you are kept up-to-date on all aspects including color selection, timetables, and everything in between! Our professional home painters do not even begin your project until the estimate is complete, contract signed, and you have had a chance to take advantage of our included color consultation!


Contact Jalapeno Paint Werx at 630-527-1829 or online using our contact information for further questions regarding our professional home painters!