Black Trim Paint

Black trim paint is becoming a common occurrence in homes due to its contrasting nature. The bold trim helps colors, bright and light, pop on your walls and offer clean lines around the room. At Jalapeno Paint Werx, your black trim paint can become a reality! 

Chicagoland area homes and businesses can benefit from the skilled painting services offered at Jalapeno Paint Werx. Hire for services, such as:

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Other Interior Paint Options

Black trim paint is not the only option you have for bringing dark and contrasting colors into your home. Other options for adding black into your interiors is to paint the doors, the cabinets, or a kitchen island. You can even do an accent wall or two.

Black trim paint will match just about anything in your home and provides the contrast you need to highlight other areas of your house. Work with one of the professional color consultants at Jalapeno Paint Werx to iron out your ideas and be certain that black trim paint is right for your style. 

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