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Pre-Holiday Interior Painting: Deck Your Walls!

Want to freshen up your home before the holidays?  Now is the time to schedule holiday projects to make certain your home is merry and bright in time for holiday guests.  Just in time, we have some fresh ideas to deck the walls with holiday paint.  Grab a cup of hot cider and consider the […]

Paint Fumes & Wintertime:  What You Need to Know

For years, folks shied away from interior painting, waiting for the summer months when windows and doors could be left wide open to air out the house.  With the advent of new product lines, it isn’t necessary to follow those old guidelines.  We’ve got everything you need to know about paint fumes and wintertime painting […]

Perfect Interior Paint Picks For Kids & Pets

Hello, Autumn! Cooler temperatures will soon bring both the children and the pets back inside to play. Want to keep your interior walls looking pristine through errant soccer balls, wet dogs and sticky fingers? Read on to find the perfect interior paint picks for kids and pets. Bonus? You’ll be pretty happy too! Think Washable […]

Top Five Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

We’re all tempted. Standing in the paint aisle, it seems so inspiring, so infinitely doable. And you can. Given enough time, the proper materials, the skills, and the experience. So, why hire a contractor? We’ve got five top reasons why you should hire professional painters. Professional Painters Bring Experience While it seems like painting is […]

Chalkboard Paint: Creative Communication for Kids

It’s back-to-school time! Sharpen the pencils, load the backpacks and send the kids back to class. Learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom, so why not give your child a little extra space for creativity and to work on some of those math problems? Skip the electronics and go old-school with new paint. Not […]

What is Paint Sheen & Why Does it Matter?

Paint sheen is the amount of light reflected off the paint’s surface. The sheen is why some paint has a matte or flat finish, while others are smooth and glossy. Different areas of your home do different jobs and require different paint finishes. Read on to pick your perfect sheen, and get your shine on. […]

Will Light Colored Paint Keep My Home Cooler?

  It’s full-on summer here in Illinois, and that can mean hazy, hot and humid. Your home is in need of a fresh coat of paint, and now you’re wondering: Can lighter-colored paint keep my home cooler? It’s mostly a matter of reflection. If you spin your color wheel from light to dark, you’ll see […]

Jalapeño Paint Werx: Two Coat Standard

At Jalapeno Paint Werx, there’s a two-coat standard.  We’ve all seen the commercials on television. One coat handles preparation, primer, and provides perfect coverage.  So, why does Jalapeño Paint Werx always apply two coats of paint? Simple. It’s a matter of finish. Two-Coat Standard = Deep, Beautiful Color Ever take a picture with your phone, […]

3 Great Reasons to Hire an Established Local Painter

It’s tempting. An outfit utilizing college kids left a flyer tucked in your front door, and the price was so cheap! And the exterior of your Illinois home is looking a little weathered; some of the paint is curling off and it could use a fresh coat of paint. But before you agree to the […]

Why Rooms With More Windows Cost More to Paint

So, why do rooms with windows cost more to paint??? Do you remember cutting shapes from construction paper when you were a child? Circles and triangles were easy to manage. Stars were a little more tricky; there were so many things you had to cut around, being careful not to nip off the star points. […]