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How To Choose the Perfect Kitchen Paint Color for Your Chicagoland Home

Finding a new interior paint color is fun, but tough. If you’ve ever tried (and we’re guessing you have), you know what we mean. If you’re puzzling over your own color-related dilemma, be sure to check out this article we put together a little while back. It shares a sure-fire, guaranteed way to make the […]

Exterior Painting in Geneva – An Inspiring Project!

Have you ever wondered how to pick a new exterior paint color? The stakes can feel pretty high. After all, the entirety of your home’s exterior is more of a commitment than, say, testing out that electric blue in the downstairs bathroom. Once you’ve picked a paint, it’s tough to go back. Let’s review a […]

Should You Paint Your Brick Fireplace?

If you ask a group of random people whether or not painting your brick fireplace is a good idea, you won’t come away with a conclusive answer. Some will say absolutely yes, some will poke you in the eye for suggesting it, and others will just not want to commit. Give it a try, they’ll […]

Exterior House Painting Tips – Is It Time to Paint Your Chicagoland Home?

If you googled “signs that I need to paint my house,” it’s probably time to paint your house. We’re just being honest. But if you still aren’t sure, and you’re contemplating maybe stretching it out for another year or two before taking a swan dive into the world of updated style, the info below is […]

Painting Basement Walls with Mold and Mildew-Proof Paint in Yorkville, IL

Finished basements are awesome, aren’t they? They can be your ticket to adding the extra space you need, whether it be a family room, office suite, or that home theater you’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, there is one mortal enemy of underground living spaces that can really dampen your enthusiasm… literally. Moisture. And, beyond obvious […]

Are You Asking Your Exterior Painter the Right Questions?

There are a whole host of questions a homeowner can (and should) ask their prospective house painting company. Lots and lots. Unfortunately, many folks boil their list down to what they think are the two most important: how much will it cost, and when can you start? Those are good to include in your list, […]

A Guaranteed Way to Find the Perfect Interior Paint Color

There are a whole lot of color selection tips swirling around on the interwebs, and many of them are truly helpful. Drawing a color out of an existing pattern or element in your room, developing a monochromatic color scheme, considering fixed colors, using samples, and the list goes on… As great as these tips are, […]

Big News – We’re Your Award-Winning Chicagoland Painting Company!

Two years in a row, we might add, but we won’t keep harping on that. After all, we may be award-winning (two years in a row), but we’re also exceptionally humble. So, which awards did we win, and why do they matter? #1 – Best of Houzz Winner for 2017 If you haven’t checked out […]

Interior Painting Services for a Stunning Geneva Home

Well, it just doesn’t get much better than this, folks. From towering walls of windows to gently curling staircases, ornate woodwork to subtle design details, this home in Geneva is nothing short of gorgeous. It was our honor to be invited to lend our interior painting expertise, painting a wide variety of surfaces and spaces. […]

4 Ways to Remove Ballpoint Pen Ink From a Wall

Yikes… Good thing they’re cute, right? We’ve all (or most of us at least) have been there. You leave a room for five seconds to grab the checkbook or plug your phone in, and when you come back you find that your resident graffiti artist has tagged the living room wall. Who knew that a […]