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Why Rooms With More Windows Cost More to Paint

So, why do rooms with windows cost more to paint??? Do you remember cutting shapes from construction paper when you were a child? Circles and triangles were easy to manage. Stars were a little more tricky; there were so many things you had to cut around, being careful not to nip off the star points. […]

Choosing the Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Relaxation

When it comes to interior paint, choosing the right colors is uber important. The colors you use throughout the house should reflect the mood you want to promote in each room. In the bedroom, it’s particularly important to maintain a sense of peacefulness, especially if you’re someone who has difficulty relaxing or sleeping. Promoting Restfulness […]

Experts in Drywall Repair, Preparation and Painting

Does this sound like you? You’ve been itching to paint a room in your house. You glance with longing at the paint swatches in your local hardware store. You even visualize new wall hangings and furniture organization…but you still haven’t booked your local painters. Something is standing in the way. That thing is your drywall. […]

Nontoxic Paint Options for Your Home’s Interior

Getting excited about your upcoming interior painting project? There’s nothing better than visualizing your colors, finishes, and the layout of the room afterwards. When it comes to interior painting, you want everything to be just right! But as you pick out swatches and mull over your color options, have you stopped to think about long-term […]

Interior House Painting Tips for Chicago, IL.

While we’ve made our livelihood by painting houses around Chicago, IL and our painters are skilled and fast, we understand that some of you out there are DIYers. We respect that, so here are some of the little tips we found to make things easier as you paint your house yourself. Interior Painting Tips and […]

Residential Painting: How to Remove Wallpaper

Here at Jalapeno Paint Werx, we are known as a light-hearted bunch (as residential painting contractors go!). When it comes to removing wallpaper, however, even our smiles start to dim, settling into something like grim determination, or may be determined optimism. Whichever it is, we would like to share some tips on how to remove […]

Should I Stain My Fence? Tips from a Professional Painting Service

We definitely recommend staining over painting. Outdoor fences suffer from the constant attack of rot, insects, wear, and tear. The benefit of an oil stain instead of acrylic paints is that a stain will begin to fade and get lighter, while a paint will begin to crack, crumble and peel, requiring almost instant attention. Your […]

How Can You Protect Your Pets While You Paint?

Let’s face it: pets and interior painting just don’t get along. Kind of like, well, cats and dogs. Unless you have an extremely talented pet with a great sense of taste (and opposable thumbs), they tend to get in the way of a smooth project. And, beyond inconvenience, you don’t ever want to risk your […]

What Kind of Paint Should I Use?

Some decisions seem like they should be simple. Cereal, for example. But then you get to the breakfast aisle in the grocery store, and suddenly you’re overwhelmed. Even if you know you want Cheerios, there are a dozen kinds! Sometimes we feel the same way about choosing what kind of paint to use. How hard […]

What are VOC’s? Should I avoid them?

Ten years ago, acronyms were already getting out of hand. You needed to RSVP to every invitation that came your way; if you were missing from the Army, you were AWOL; and if you ignored the advice to get a DD then you were DUI. Now, with everyone texting, your BFF can give you TMI […]