Can Hiring a Cheap House Painter Be an Expensive Mistake?

YES! That’s the short answer. And, unfortunately, homeowners all across the country find this out the hard way on a routine basis.

It’s an easy mistake to make. We get it, we really do. After all, we’re homeowners and small business owners, so we know how important it can be to stick to a budget and find a great deal whenever possible.

So, what’s wrong with those oh-so-appealing cheaper paint estimates, and what causes your cost to actually skyrocket over time?

The Hidden Dangers of a Bargain Painter

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The truth of the matter is, if a cost is low you’re sacrificing something to make the cost possible. Otherwise the service provider simply wouldn’t be in business.

This begs the question: what is your rock-bottom estimate hiding and/or missing?

Here are a few of the most common culprits:

  • Surface PreparationProper prep takes time and skill, both of which cost money. If you skip over or minimize this essential early stage of the painting process, however, you’re negatively impacting both the finish quality and longevity of your finished product. In other words, it won’t look as good or last as long, meaning you’ll be painting again sooner! Here at Jalapeno Paint Werx, on the other hand, we spend time on repairs, cleaning, protecting your home and surfaces, patching, sanding, and doing whatever else is necessary to deliver a beautiful, high-value product.
  • Low-Quality Paint Products – Cheap paint is, well, cheap! But it also doesn’t do its job as effectively, offering poor color retention, a shorter lifespan, and it requires more product to cover a surface. None of these issues offer value to you beyond saving an immediate few bucks (that you’ll spend a lot more of down the road). We believe in the real benefits of using a higher-end product that we KNOW will perform.
  • Lack of Workers’ Compensation Insurance – This is something many homeowners don’t know to ask, or aren’t aware of at all. Not carrying this coverage drives a painter’s costs down, but it also leaves YOU, the homeowner, liable for any workplace accidents. It’s not a responsible way to do business.
  • No Guarantees – An invested, dedicated painting company will offer warranties and guarantees, and will be available to stand by them. Fly-by-night operations either won’t offer any guarantee, or will offer something that they may not even be able to honor.

Why Are We Sharing This Information With You?

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In our line of work, we have seen firsthand what can happen when a well-intentioned homeowner hands their hard-earned dollars to the wrong company. We want to share this inside perspective with the hope that it informs, warns, and empowers you to knowledgeably find the BEST painting contractor to handle your needs.

You deserve it, and so does your home!

If you live here in our service area, we invite you to contact the friendly team at Jalapeno Paint Werx to discuss your house painting needs. We’re established, invested in our communities, carry all the proper coverage and credentials, and we know you’ll love our awesome team as well.

Let’s spice up your space, and offer you total peace of mind in the process!

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