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The Top 3 Interior Paint Color Options for 2018

If you’re looking to do things differently this year, you must be giving your home’s interior at least a little bit of thought. Whether you’re remodeling before you put your house on the market this spring, or you’re planning to tackle those just-for-you renovations, a great paint job should certainly be part of the plan. […]

Choosing the Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Relaxation

When it comes to interior paint, choosing the right colors is uber important. The colors you use throughout the house should reflect the mood you want to promote in each room. In the bedroom, it’s particularly important to maintain a sense of peacefulness, especially if you’re someone who has difficulty relaxing or sleeping. Promoting Restfulness […]

Living Room Painting Ideas for the Holidays

If you’re at all into the holidays, you probably know a thing or two about decorating. Beyond finding just the right holiday decor and the perfect tree, you might be considering painting your living room this season. In our opinion, any time of year is the right time to spice up your home! There’s only […]

Color Consultation: 3 Ideas for Choosing Interior Paint

In the world of interior painting, one company stands alone, ready to provide you with an expert consultation you can trust! Not only do we offer superior painting services, we also take an interest in your home color choices. We like to see a job well done, and if that means providing a little guidance […]

Specialty Commercial Painting in Downtown Geneva, IL

Last month we wrapped up a pretty cool project (if we do say so ourselves) in Geneva. We were contacted by the owner of Shoppes At 127, Inc., a collection of shops that offers a diverse range of merchandise in the downtown area. In fact, if shopping is a favorite pastime (or you just want […]

How To Choose the Perfect Kitchen Paint Color for Your Chicagoland Home

Finding a new interior paint color is fun, but tough. If you’ve ever tried (and we’re guessing you have), you know what we mean. If you’re puzzling over your own color-related dilemma, be sure to check out this article we put together a little while back. It shares a sure-fire, guaranteed way to make the […]

Exterior Painting in Geneva – An Inspiring Project!

Have you ever wondered how to pick a new exterior paint color? The stakes can feel pretty high. After all, the entirety of your home’s exterior is more of a commitment than, say, testing out that electric blue in the downstairs bathroom. Once you’ve picked a paint, it’s tough to go back. Let’s review a […]

A Guaranteed Way to Find the Perfect Interior Paint Color

There are a whole lot of color selection tips swirling around on the interwebs, and many of them are truly helpful. Drawing a color out of an existing pattern or element in your room, developing a monochromatic color scheme, considering fixed colors, using samples, and the list goes on… As great as these tips are, […]

Interior Painting in Naperville – Making Incredible Updates with Just Fresh Paint

It’s tough to deny the power of well-chosen, well-applied interior paint. Whether you cover an outdated room with fresh swaths of awesome color, or fill a dark space with light, bright style, few home improvement jobs are more satisfying. As you plan your next painting project, remember that walls aren’t the only surface that can […]

4 Secrets to Long-Lasting Interior Paint

With the new year dawning, we know you can’t wait to get to your interior painting projects. After all, fresh years call for fresh starts, and fresh starts call for fresh color. It just makes sense. At least that’s the way we think… Call us amazing, but we also know that you want your fresh […]