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Color Tips


Color Consultation: 3 Ideas for Choosing Interior Paint

In the world of interior painting, one company stands alone, ready to provide you with an expert consultation you can trust! Not only do we offer superior painting services, we also take an interest in your home color choices. We like to see a job well done, and if that means providing a little guidance […]

Choosing the Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Relaxation

When it comes to interior paint, choosing the right colors is uber important. The colors you use throughout the house should reflect the mood you want to promote in each room. In the bedroom, it’s particularly important to maintain a sense of peacefulness, especially if you’re someone who has difficulty relaxing or sleeping. Promoting Restfulness […]

What Kind of Paint Should I Use?

Some decisions seem like they should be simple. Cereal, for example. But then you get to the breakfast aisle in the grocery store, and suddenly you’re overwhelmed. Even if you know you want Cheerios, there are a dozen kinds! Sometimes we feel the same way about choosing what kind of paint to use. How hard […]

What paint sheen or finish should I use?

Have you ever stared at a coffee shop menu, drowning in choices? And then when you finally make up your mind to get an iced vanilla latte and place your order, they spring more options on you! What size would you like? Decaf or regular? Do you want whipped cream on top? Some people have […]

Interior Painting: Warm Up Your Walls This Winter!

We’ve all felt it. Once the holiday decorations come down, and the winter descends in full swing, the drab colors of winter can consume us. How can we make this time of year more bearable? Add some warm color to your walls! What is a warm color? Before we tell you where to paint the […]

3 Ways To Add Fresh Color and Style To Your Kitchen

With winter headed our way, it’s time to move inside and start your winter interior painting projects. Although you may have a huge painting bucket list, why not tackle some smaller areas first? Kitchens may seem daunting, but they are also one of the most used and loved areas of the home. We’ve compiled a list […]

What Are The Trendy Interior Paint Colors For 2019?

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are right around the corner, but what’s getting us all excited is the official unfurling of the 2019 colors of the year. Let’s take some time to explore these trendy options, and start dreaming about where they would look best in your home! Benjamin Moore’s Color of […]

Will Light Colored Paint Keep My Home Cooler?

  It’s full-on summer here in Illinois, and that can mean hazy, hot and humid. Your home is in need of a fresh coat of paint, and now you’re wondering: Can lighter-colored paint keep my home cooler? It’s mostly a matter of reflection. If you spin your color wheel from light to dark, you’ll see […]

Accessorize Your Chicagoland Home’s Exterior With Color

  Want to look your very best before heading out the door? Make certain your shoes look good, check your hair one last time, and choose some statement shades for the sun’s somewhat late arrival to the midwest. Believe it or not, those same rules apply to your house. Think of your home’s accessories: the […]

Pop Your Home’s Exterior Paint: 2018’s Top Picks

You want something different… Spring has finally sprung in Chicagoland, and warmer temperatures have you dreaming in color.  Your home has been painted white for the past decade, and it’s time for a change. Take a look at some of 2018’s most popular picks to pop your home’s exterior, courtesy of some new paint! Find […]