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Green Painting


How to Go Green with Eco-Friendly Paint Choices

Eco-friendly is the new everything. We recycle. And up-cycle. And generally do our best to try and take care of this planet we call home. Years ago, lead-based paint was commonplace. These days, it’s one of the things we investigate before buying a vintage home. But even when the utilization of lead-based paint was a […]

Nontoxic Paint Options for Your Home’s Interior

Getting excited about your upcoming interior painting project? There’s nothing better than visualizing your colors, finishes, and the layout of the room afterwards. When it comes to interior painting, you want everything to be just right! But as you pick out swatches and mull over your color options, have you stopped to think about long-term […]

What are VOC’s? Should I avoid them?

Ten years ago, acronyms were already getting out of hand. You needed to RSVP to every invitation that came your way; if you were missing from the Army, you were AWOL; and if you ignored the advice to get a DD then you were DUI. Now, with everyone texting, your BFF can give you TMI […]