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Perfect Interior Paint Picks For Kids & Pets

Hello, Autumn! Cooler temperatures will soon bring both the children and the pets back inside to play. Want to keep your interior walls looking pristine through errant soccer balls, wet dogs and sticky fingers? Read on to find the perfect interior paint picks for kids and pets. Bonus? You’ll be pretty happy too! Think Washable […]

Chalkboard Paint: Creative Communication for Kids

It’s back-to-school time! Sharpen the pencils, load the backpacks and send the kids back to class. Learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom, so why not give your child a little extra space for creativity and to work on some of those math problems? Skip the electronics and go old-school with new paint. Not […]

What is Paint Sheen & Why Does it Matter?

Paint sheen is the amount of light reflected off the paint’s surface. The sheen is why some paint has a matte or flat finish, while others are smooth and glossy. Different areas of your home do different jobs and require different paint finishes. Read on to pick your perfect sheen, and get your shine on. […]

Why Rooms With More Windows Cost More to Paint

So, why do rooms with windows cost more to paint??? Do you remember cutting shapes from construction paper when you were a child? Circles and triangles were easy to manage. Stars were a little more tricky; there were so many things you had to cut around, being careful not to nip off the star points. […]

Farmers’ Market Fresh: Paint It Real

Longer, warmer days mean more time spent outside.  Think farmers’ markets and fresh new beginnings. A whole new crop is coming into season and we’re excited to be immersed in color.  Take a stroll through your local farmers’ market and consider bringing some color home for real. It’s time to paint a little of your […]

Spice It Up: Fresh Ideas for Painting Your Kitchen

Consider how much time you spend in your kitchen.  First stop in the morning for coffee. Kiddos at the table, sharing a few precious bits of their day.  It’s where true friends gather. Small moments that weave our lives together. Given the kitchen’s status as the heart of the home, it may be time to […]

How to Use Black in Interior Painting (Yep, We Said Interior!)

The color black might be seeing some challengers in the fashion world, but when it comes to interior painting, it is starting to displace some of the long-time favorites. As surprising as that may seem, it’s true; black interior paint isn’t just for moody coffee shops anymore! So, what are people doing with black? How […]

What’s the Best Interior Paint Color for Resale?

When it’s time to sell your home, you want to employ every strategy in the book to ensure that your property stands out from the pack. Baking bread, decluttering, leaving out cookies (a little tasty incentive never hurts), furiously cleaning… There are a whole host of tactics you can try. In fact, we shared a […]

Can Hiring a Cheap House Painter Be an Expensive Mistake?

YES! That’s the short answer. And, unfortunately, homeowners all across the country find this out the hard way on a routine basis. It’s an easy mistake to make. We get it, we really do. After all, we’re homeowners and small business owners, so we know how important it can be to stick to a budget […]

The Top 3 Interior Paint Color Options for 2018

If you’re looking to do things differently this year, you must be giving your home’s interior at least a little bit of thought. Whether you’re remodeling before you put your house on the market this spring, or you’re planning to tackle those just-for-you renovations, a great paint job should certainly be part of the plan. […]