Chicago House Painters

Hiring trustworthy Chicago house painters has never been easier! Jalapeno Paint Werx provides professionals across the Chicagoland area from Naperville, IL. The painting company provide extensive painting services in both the residential and commercial sects, including:

Start the process of hiring Chicago house painters now by requesting a free estimate! For further information on the skills available at Jalapeno Paint Werx, you can call 630-527-1829. 

The Jalapeno Way

Jalapeno Paint Werx Chicago house painters are set apart from the competition due to the failproof Jalapeno Way checklist each project follows. From estimate to final walkthrough, the Jalapeno Way checklist guides the Chicago house painters through every step of the process. 

Some of the major steps along the way during your painting project are:

  • Color selection during the color consultation.
  • Review details of the project and order materials.
  • Crew works on painting until the job is complete with a manager on site at all times.
  • Rooms are vacuumed and furniture placed post-painting.

Anytime you need to review your selections or the process with your Chicago house painters, they are just a phone call away!

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