How To Choose the Perfect Kitchen Paint Color for Your Chicagoland Home

Finding a new interior paint color is fun, but tough. If you’ve ever tried (and we’re guessing you have), you know what we mean.

If you’re puzzling over your own color-related dilemma, be sure to check out this article we put together a little while back. It shares a sure-fire, guaranteed way to make the selection process simpler.

Today, however, let’s focus on kitchen painting.

This unique space is a massive intersection of colors, patterns, textures, and materials, all honking at once for attention. So, how can you find a paint color that ties them all together and organizes the traffic flow?

Finding a Paint Color That Works in Your Kitchen

picking kitchen paint colors

Keep these practical tips in mind!

  1. Choose your paint color last – Your paint is important, but it’s not as important as your fixed colors, like cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other elements that can’t be easily changed.
  2. Check your materials for inspiration – Let’s say you have granite countertops. Check the surface closely, looking for a dominant color that is coursing its way through the natural pattern. If you like that dominant color, draw it out, match it, and try it on your walls.
  3. Go neutral, or go bold! – A neutral, like a warm white or soft gray, will get along well with almost any other color you introduce. If you had your Wheaties this morning and are feeling bold, you also can jump to the other extreme and pick a bold color. Both extremes work well, but finding a middle ground can be tough.
  4. How about a monochromatic color scheme – If you want to play it safe, ask your painter about a monochromatic color scheme. This is achieved by painting your walls a color that is a close relative of your existing dominant color (most often your cabinets).

Talk with Your Local Professional Painting Company


Chat about your goals and concerns with your kitchen painting pro. And, we also encourage you to utilize a site like to discover and organize your painting preferences. There’s no substitute for seeing, in living color, what you love and what you don’t.

Happy painting!


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