Commercial Painter

When you have a large space to paint, such as a warehouse, school, restaurant, or office complex, hiring a professional commercial painter is the way to go. At Jalapeno Paint Werx, we provide some of the best in the industry so that your job is completed excellently and efficiently.

Jalapeno Paint Werx is a premier Chicago painting company that works with both residential and commercial sectors providing interior and exterior finishing services. Our prime services include:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Commercial painting
  • Wallpaper installation and removal
  • Drywall repair

Hiring a commercial painter with us is simple! Schedule an estimate online or call us at 630-527-1829 to kick off your project. 

Top Quality Services for Business Owners

It’s true, hiring a commercial painter will ensure your space is completed with the highest craftsmanship possible. From start to finish, our commercial painters make the process easy and convenient. Our process follows the Jalapeno Way checklist where we start with the contract and end with the final walkthrough. 

All the steps in between offer the client options of checking in and seeing where the commercial painter is and how long until the next step is completed. Our services are top-notch because we follow this checklist for each client. We keep our work consistent and reliable, which is why Jalapeno Paint Werx is chosen time and time again as the company to call for a commercial painter. 

Hire us for your next project! 

We are experts in our field, and we can bring about big changes to your space! Reliable workers and premium materials make our company a top choice throughout the Chicagoland area. Call us today at 630-527-1829 and set up your initial meeting and get a free quote from our experts!