Contract Painters

Are you buying a new home and need to bring your personality to it? Are you freshening up your own home to sell? Or are you simply looking to change your home’s aesthetics? Whatever the reason is, you can contract painters directly from Jalapeno Paint Werx to get the job done!

Jalapeno Paint Werx is a premier Chicagoland painting company located in Naperville, IL. We specialize in both commercial and residential painting projects, and we contract painters all over the city and suburbs for projects both large and small. Our main services include:

  • exterior painting,
  • interior painting,
  • office and commercial painting,
  • wallpaper installation and removal, and
  • drywall repair.

Let our contract painters come out and go over your space with you and the expectations you have for your project! Request a quote online or call us at 630-527-1829.

Repair your walls before your beautiful new coat of paint

Drywall repair is essential to a smooth finish. If you find cracking or pops throughout your home, consider this service prior to repainting your walls. Our contract painters are also highly skilled in drywall repair and have the craftsmanship and experience to carefully repair your walls to perfection. 

Get design help before plunging in

Our color consultations are the perfect start to the project. Prior to working with your contract painters, it is essential that you have your materials selected. During our color consultation, customers can walk through options and get expert assistance in selecting new colors for their home or business. 

Start now!

Getting your project up and running is simple! Start with a quote and then let the contract painters at Jalapeno Paint Werx take the lead. Your project will be completed in no time!