Cost of Painting Exterior of House

Some people dread finding out the cost of painting the exterior of their house. For one, it’s easily the largest painting job you can do to your home unless you are planning on painting the complete interior from top to bottom. It’s also reasonable to expect that you are going to need a lot of paint to cover the complete exterior, as well as a good amount of labor hours to get it done. So it’s understandable why some people put it off longer than they should. Some even start saving a year or more down the road so they don’t kill the household budget when it comes time to schedule the project. However, people that call Jalapeno Paint Werx are often relieved to find out that the price they had imagined was actually much more than the estimate we provided. For those that started saving early, our quote often lets them know that there’s enough room in the budget to add other tasks to the project and get more done for less money. So don’t hide from the fears of a huge price tag any more. Let Jalapeno Paint Werx put you at ease with a great free quote today!