Cost of Painting House Exterior

In Chicago, the cost of painting a house exterior can vary greatly depending on who you call. For those on the shoestring budgets that just need some paint and aren’t super choosy, there are always the part-timers and the college services. If you’re just looking to get the job done, you’ll be surprised that the cost of painting a house exterior can sometimes be cheaper than doing just a few rooms. But when you need the job done right and reach out to true professionals, you’re still going to find a huge gap between companies. The key is to look at exactly what supplies they will provide, what supplies are billed to the customer, and make sure the quote covers the full job instead of a finite amount of labor hours. Aside from the supply side, there’s the matter of the house. This includes how many stories, what kind of trim and what other challenges or obstacles may be present in your unique situation. In the end you may find some people will share ballpark figures, but in order to get an accurate estimate someone is going to have to come look at the house. With zero-pressure estimates, you’ll find that Jalapeno Paint Werx can get the job done better for less. 

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