Cost to Paint a House

The cost to paint a house varies depending on the size of the home, the surfaces needing to be painted, and the details the homeowner wants. At Jalapeno Paint Werx, contractors are skilled in all aspects of home painting and offer multiple services, including:

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How complex is your project?

An interior house painting project can start as simple wall painting and get much more complicated from there. Cabinets, trim, and doors all play a part in the cost to paint a house. If you are looking to change your entire home from floor to ceiling, get a full estimate from Jalapeno Paint Werx on labor, materials, and more.

Work with the professionals to create an entirely new home environment. The cost to paint a house and change everything will make your job infinitely more complicated, and you are going to want skilled painters to get it done right! 

Get an Estimate First!

Always schedule your estimate before committing to the project! You may find you need to scale down your project, adjust your budget, or more. Jalapeno Paint Werx can help you through all the steps and give you a fair price for the work at hand. Call 630-527-1829 today and get started!