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Does this sound like you? You’ve been itching to paint a room in your house. You glance with longing at the paint swatches in your local hardware store. You even visualize new wall hangings and furniture organization…but you still haven’t booked your local painters. Something is standing in the way.

That thing is your drywall. You’ve got a damaged wall or ceiling that you don’t know how to address. It’s cracked, stained, dented, or warped. It might be in a small area, but you’re fairly certain about one thing…you probably shouldn’t paint over it.

You’d be right, and we applaud your restraint!

Always Repair Your Drywall Before Painting

Painting over damaged drywall is like putting a Band-aid on an open wound. It doesn’t fix the problem. In fact, it doesn’t even hide it well. With drywall damage, you need to start at the source. You’ll be glad you did!

When your drywall is repaired properly, you can rest assured knowing that there are no underlying issues with your walls or ceiling. Plus, your paint will adhere like it’s supposed to. Take a look at the leading causes of damage, and see which one applies to you…

The Top 3 Causes Drywall Damage

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  • Water damage. We’ve all seen the ugly brown stains that come from water damage. If you’re not sure where the leak is coming from, that’s a good place to start. Once the repairs have been made, the drywall needs to be removed, replaced, and painted.
  • Loose drywall tape. When the tape between drywall sections comes loose, it tends to crack and peel in long strips. This can happen from an excess of humidity or from improper installation. Either way, it damages the paint, and the area needs to be replaced, patched, and painted.
  • Wear and tear. Whether it’s from furniture scuffs, swinging doors or an unfortunately placed elbow, drywall takes its share of dents and bruises. When the surface of the drywall is cracked or broken through entirely, some real repairs are in order.

The Essentials of Repairing Drywall

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Unless you’re a bona-fide handyman, drywall repair is no easy DIY task. We recommend seeking out your local professionals. You’ll want a team that will…

  • Assess the damaged area
  • Cut, remove, and dispose of the old material
  • Use metal patches, seam tape, putty, and fasteners as needed
  • Install new drywall seamlessly
  • Properly cut spaces for electrical fixtures
  • Sand, prime, and paint the new walls or ceiling

Need Drywall Repair Experts in the Chicago Area?

Look no further than Jalapeno Paint Werx. We’re the hottest team around, with the professional expertise to repair any drywall issues you have. Contact our office today to schedule your drywall repair, replacement, and interior painting! We’ve got you covered, floor to ceiling.

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