Exterior House Painting Contractors

As an Angie’s List preferred vendor, Jalapeno Paint Werx brings the heat to Chicago with professional painting services. Hire residential and commercial exterior house painting contractors for your property today! Jalapeno Paint Werx operates out of Naperville, IL and provides an extensive list of services to the city and its surrounding suburbs.

At Jalapeno Paint Werx, you can find many services to take advantage of, such as:

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Preparing your Exteriors

The exterior house painting contractors at Jalapeno Paint Werx are experts in their line of work! Prior to painting any exterior surface of your home or property, they take precaution to power wash the area. Power washing lifts dirt and grime from the surface, which helps the paint adhere to the surface better.

In the end, the exteriors of your property will hold the vibrancy of your color longer and look better doing it. Consult with your exterior home painting contractors on the timeline for your project, including the power washing. For further information regarding the processes used at Jalapeno Paint Werx, contact a sales representative today at 630-527-1829.