Exterior House Painting Tips – Is It Time to Paint Your Chicagoland Home?

If you googled “signs that I need to paint my house,” it’s probably time to paint your house.

We’re just being honest.

But if you still aren’t sure, and you’re contemplating maybe stretching it out for another year or two before taking a swan dive into the world of updated style, the info below is just for you.

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Don’t Wait Until Total Exterior Paint Failure

For the same reasons that you change your car’s tires when the tread gets low rather than wait for a blowout, waiting until complete paint failure just isn’t a good idea. You won’t be “getting the most value out of your old paint” by holding off, but rather will be increasing the time and labor needed to get your surfaces healthy and attractive again.

In short, it’s definitely more cost-effective to maintain your paint, or catch failure early, than it is to start completely from scratch every time.

4 Signs That Your Home’s Exterior Is Ready to Paint

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  • Peeling and Chipping – Uh oh… That’s a sign of full-on paint failure, and it’s definitely time to call your local professional painting contractor.
  • Spider Cracks – Right before your paint gives up completely, it will often form hairline cracks (especially when covering a wood surface). This means that it’s your last chance to avoid the hassle (and expense) of remediating a total paint failure.
  • Fading – Especially on the sides of your home that face the most weather exposure, paint will start to fade over the years. This is not only unsightly, but also a sign that old age is setting in.
  • Wood Rot – Paint is a first line of defense, and when that defense gives way the door swings open to moisture and pest intrusion. Wood rot calls for swift repair and/or replacement, and then protective primer and paint.

Psst… Want To Know How To Make Your Exterior Paint Last Longer?

  • Hire a reputable painting company
  • Ensure that the right cleaning, repairs, and surface prep is completed (your reputable painter will clue you in on what needs to be done)
  • Use high-quality paint (you’ll never regret this investment!)
  • Routine pressure washing (this extends the life of your paint by washing away harmful contaminants)
  • Invest in touch-ups and maintenance

If you live in the Chicagoland area and have more house painting and maintenance questions, be sure to contact us at Jalapeno Paint Werx. We’re friendly, expert painters, and would love the chance to serve you.

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