Exterior Painting Companies

As one of the leading Chicagoland exterior painting companies, Jalapeno Paint Werx knows what works and what doesn’t in both the commercial and residential spheres. Our team of highly trained professionals works hard from start to finish on each project to ensure your finished product is one that is stunning. 

Jalapeno Paint Werx is a top choice among exterior painting companies because of our willingness to go above and beyond for every project. Why do clients consistently choose us? We offer a variety of benefits that make partnering with us a smart choice:

  • We are quick to respond.
  • We apply quality paints that result in a durable finish.
  • We offer color consultations to help select your perfect pallet.
  • We use a proven system that ensures quality and consistency.

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Commercial or residential? We do it all!

At Jalapeno Paint Werx, we work across the industry to provide unparalleled services. Exterior painting companies may niche down to residential or commercial, but we are happy to work in both industries. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or business owner, you can rely on our services to be impeccable.

In addition to providing painting services, we offer both drywall services and wallpaper services. If you are interested in either along with your painting services, let our technician know so we can provide an accurate estimate for you. 

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Simply request a quote online and our technician can come on-site and have your quote to you within an hour! Our efficiency and accuracy of quotes have come from decades of experience within the painting industry.

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