Exterior Painting in Geneva – An Inspiring Project!

Have you ever wondered how to pick a new exterior paint color?

The stakes can feel pretty high. After all, the entirety of your home’s exterior is more of a commitment than, say, testing out that electric blue in the downstairs bathroom. Once you’ve picked a paint, it’s tough to go back.

Let’s review a few practical tips for picking your next exterior color, then we’ll take a closer look at the colors used on this gorgeous Geneva home.

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How Do You Pick an Exterior Paint Color?

  • Talk to a Professional – An established, reputable house painter either has or can connect you with a color consultant. This is truly the best, most sure-fire way to know you explored all your options and picked the best paint for your home. Hands-down.
  • Scope Out the Neighborhood – Architectural styles are often fairly consistent throughout a neighborhood. See what other folks are doing, what you like about it, and what you don’t. There’s no shame in stealing a great idea.
  • Consider Your Home’s Own Architectural Style – Especially if you own an older home, a little digging can uncover traditional paint schemes that are appropriate, or even historically accurate. It can be fun to see what colors might have been originally applied and take your property back to its roots.
  • Show Your Regional Colors! – Wherever you are in the country, there is often a regional flair that can be showcased on your home.
  • Explore Your Options Online – Websites like Houzz.com are phenomenal for gleaning inspiration and insight. You can even share a photo of your house in a discussion forum and ask for ideas.

And, Don’t Forget To Consider Your Fixed Colors

Fixed colors are those elements of your home that can’t be changed, and that your paint will need to pair with well. In the case of this beautiful Geneva home, we had both stone and brick to work with on the front.

So, which colors were chosen?

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat: Valley Forge Tan AC-35 and White PM-2. And yes, if you love them, please feel free to “borrow” the idea for your own Chicagoland house.

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Let’s Discuss Your Exterior Painting Project

We’re here to spice up your exterior style! Contact our team (your team!) at Jalapeno Paint Werx today.


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