3 Great Reasons to Hire an Established Local Painter

Core ValuesIt’s tempting. An outfit utilizing college kids left a flyer tucked in your front door, and the price was so cheap! And the exterior of your Illinois home is looking a little weathered; some of the paint is curling off and it could use a fresh coat of paint. But before you agree to the job, remember what your mother told you: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Read on to learn why hiring an established painter is a better value in the long run.

Established Painters are Part of Your Community

And theirs. We all share the same community. The same grocery stores. The same parks. An established contractor is proud to be part of the local community. They hire skilled craftspeople that do quality work the first time, and every time. They rely on their local community for repeat business and long-term relationships. Not only do established painters stand behind their work, they’re first in line when you tackle your next project.

All Paint, All the Time

Established painting contractors aren’t looking to paint a few houses while they’re between semesters, or between jobs. Painting is a skill honed by working full-time at the craft. Professional painters know that painting your home isn’t just about wielding a roller; it’s about taking care of all the preparation before painting begins to ensure a long-lasting finish and amazing attention to detail.

The experience shows in the end result. And the quality does too.

Quality Paint + Skilled Painter = A Beautiful Home

To ensure a finish you’ll enjoy for years to come, your painting contractor needs to cover all the bases. A professional contractor begins with a quality product that’s designed for your specific needs. Paint is not just paint. Consult with a professional, and they’ll recommend the best product for your surface, be it wood, aluminum siding, or stucco. You can’t get a great finish without a great product.

And you can’t get a great finish without experience and skill. To cover all their bases and exceed your expectations, a professional painter will provide both. Every job. Every time.

Bonus Tip: Get a Written Estimate for Your Painting Job

Want to make certain your job will have a quality finish? Find a professional, experienced, and established painter in your community. Contact them for an estimate, and ask your questions before you agree to the job. Working together, everyone’s on the same page, and everyone is invested in the same outcome: your beautiful home.


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