House Painting Styles Exterior

House painting styles for exteriors have changed from year to year and decade to decade. Have you ever driven down the street and you can tell which homes have been updated and which ones have fallen behind? Not only does painting your home freshen it up, but also can keep your home looking modern and cared for.

At Jalapeno Paint Werx, we work with homes in and around Chicago to help them spice up their homes both inside and out. We have expert knowledge of house painting styles for the exterior of your home and we are ready to share all our ideas with you! 

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Exterior painting is for more than just your home. 

Styles can vary from home to home based on many exterior surface levels. Sure, you can paint your entire siding a new color and leave it at that, but there are so many other surfaces you can paint that will make an enormous change on your curb appeal. 

Consider exterior painting for your fence, decking, front porch, shutters, or even your garage door. We are ready with premium paint brands and expert painters to tackle any project you have in mind. We even get the surfaces clean and clear before beginning to paint so that your paint absorbs fully into the surface. 

Get all the support you need from start to finish! 

House painting styles for your exterior can seem overwhelming—but that’s where we come in! Each project gets a color consultation so you can go over your likes and dislikes and find a style that matches your home and personality. It’s all part of the Jalapeno Way plan to get you the best exterior painting services possible. 

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