How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

Do you know how to choose interior paint colors that complement one another? Do you know how to choose a color scheme that flows from room to room? It isn’t everyone’s specialty, but at Jalapeno Paint Werx we make it a priority as part of your project timeline.

A color consultation with one of our designers will give you an eye-opening look at the process behind selecting a cohesive color combination. Whether you are painting one room or your whole house, your color consultation is designed to give you professional advice and take your personal style into account as well. Your home is more than just the walls, and we will show you how you can add pops of color everywhere to make a bold statement.

Start your process with Jalapeno Paint Werx today! 

Whether its walls or cabinets, baseboards or flooring, there is a way to make a big impact with just a little coat of paint. Begin your painting journey today! Call us at 630-527-1829 or schedule an estimate now. We will spend about an hour looking at your space and speaking to you about your vision before offering a comprehensive estimate.

Along with your estimate, we’ll present you with our Jalapeno Way checklist. From contract signing to final walkthrough, this checklist keeps you informed about major milestones in your project timeline. We pride ourselves on finishing your space in a timely manner and leaving it spotless upon completion. 

Let’s have fun together!

We’ll show you how to choose interior paint colors that will make your house look like a home. So sit back, enjoy the process, and let Jalapeno Paint Werx handle the work!