Interior Residential Painting

When it comes to interior residential painting, Jalapeno Paint Werx is available to help you make your redecorating dreams come true! Our professional painters can be hired directly from Naperville, IL for both residential and commercial projects around the Chicagoland suburbs.

In addition to interior residential painting, Jalapeno Paint Werx offers the following services for your property:

For more information on any of our services, contact us today at 630-527-1829 or use our online contact form now!

Get up-to-date with your color scheme!

Jalapeno Paint Werx provides the solution to your drab and outdated interior! After your completed estimate, but before your interior residential painting services, schedule your own personal color consultation!  We offer advice on selecting the right colors for your interior, along with information on the proper approach to your renovations.

Jalapeno Paint Werx uses brands you can trust! We get our paint from trusted partners like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. We also work with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America to bring you only the best interior residential painting services.

We never leave you in the dark!

We follow the Jalapeno Way when it comes to providing our interior residential painting services! This means from start to finish you are informed, contacted, and part of your home redecorating process. Get your services started immediately! Call Jalapeno Paint Werx at 630-527-1829.