Jalapeño Paint Werx: Two Coat Standard

At Jalapeno Paint Werx, there’s a two-coat standard.  We’ve all seen the commercials on television. One coat handles preparation, primer, and provides perfect coverage.  So, why does Jalapeño Paint Werx always apply two coats of paint?

Simple. It’s a matter of finish.

Two-Coat Standard = Deep, Beautiful Color

Ever take a picture with your phone, and click the enhance feature? The colors become deeper, and more saturated. The whites are brighter. The blacks are deep and velvety, and the colors are beautifully vivid. The overall effect is truly enhanced. Think of your second coat of paint as your professional painter’s enhance feature. That final coat of paint brings to light a truer, deeper color. It provides a finished look.

Two Coats: Finish the Paint Job Properly

A painting job requires a fair amount of preparation. The surface needs to be clean and smooth. A professional painting job is 80% preparation, before paint is ever applied. After inspecting and tending to old paint drips, nail holes and normal wear & tear marks on the walls and trim, your painting contractor will prime the surface to provide a uniform palette for the paint. The first coat of paint sets the tone, the second coat of paint finishes the job. Rule one: if you take the time to prep, finish the job properly with two coats.

Two Coats  Last Longer

It’s only common sense that something twice as thick will last longer. While your paint looks absolutely perfect the day your job is completed, your professional painter wants it to last far longer. Walls and trim are subject to day-to-day life. There will be scuffs and crayons and little hands that can’t resist running along the walls. There will be dogs and cats and furniture-moving and spills. And there will be cleanup. Two coats of paint ensures a finish that will last through all of life’s little messes, and still look good.

Ask First

Thinking of hiring a professional painter for your next job? Go and look at their work. Don’t be shy; ask about the process when you call a contractor for an estimate. A quality painting contractor will be happy to share how the work is done, offer a detailed estimate and provide references. Just ask.



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