Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Don’t get left behind on modern day trends and let the price of remodeling your home scare you. Jalapeno Paint Werx offers a viable solution to brighten up your drab, outdated kitchen, by hiring professional kitchen cabinet painters!

While homeowners tend to lean towards replacing outdated or drab looking cabinets, few stop to think about the difference a coat of paint can make on any surface. At Jalapeno Paint Werx, you get kitchen cabinet painters that are trained and certified to provide excellent craftsmanship to your home.

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Jalapeno Paint Werx stands out as a top hire for kitchen cabinet painters because they use a method proven to work every single time: The Jalapeno Way.

The Jalapeno Way is a project checklist that ensures your team of kitchen cabinet painters stays on task and budget while keeping you, the client, informed. This process sets Jalapeno Paint Werx apart from other professional painting companies in the Chicagoland area.

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