Metal Painting Company

Over time, metal can lose its color and start to rust from the elements if it is not properly treated. Jalapeno Paint Werx, a local Chicagoland metal painting company, offers painting services that will help sustain the lifespan of your metal property. 

The professional painters at Jalapeno Paint Werx also offer full-service painting that goes beyond being a metal painting company. Contract skilled painters in all areas of design work for your property including:

  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Drywall services
  • Wallpaper removal & installation
  • Commercial painting services

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Exterior Painting Prep

As a metal painting company, the workers at Jalapeno Paint Werx use top materials and skills when giving new life to your existing metalwork. Exterior painting services begin with a thorough power wash prior to painting.

Power washing the surfaces helps lift grime and dirt and creates a smooth canvas for the paint or stain to be applied. This helps the paint last longer and creates a polished finish when your metal is completely painted. 

Do You Need a Touch Up?

Contact Jalapeno Paint Werx, an award winning company, today at 630-527-1829 and set up services from your local metal painting company. No job is too large or too small for the painters to handle!