Nontoxic Paint Options for Your Home’s Interior

nontoxic interior paint

Getting excited about your upcoming interior painting project? There’s nothing better than visualizing your colors, finishes, and the layout of the room afterwards. When it comes to interior painting, you want everything to be just right!

But as you pick out swatches and mull over your color options, have you stopped to think about long-term health and safety? Certain paints contain far more toxic elements than others, and while you may find a color palate you like, it’s also important to know that there is a great range of nontoxic options available.

What is Low-VOC Paint and Why Should I Consider It?

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These chemicals form the basis of standard paint ingredients, and they vaporize immediately into the air. Overexposure to VOCs can pose all kinds of health risks, including headaches and nausea in the short term, and potential lung damage in the long run.

The toxic chemicals are stirred up when paint is applied, and have been shown in some cases to be present for months or even years after the paint has dried and cured! Indoor paints release a whole lot more VOCs than outdoor paints, and part of this has to do with ventilation. This is why it’s important to have professional painters who work with portable air circulation systems, to minimize the effects.

Curious about the VOC content of some paint you have lying around at home? Check out this short article to find out where the VOC is listed, and what the national standards are.

VOC paints

4 Types of Low-VOC Paints to Use in Your Home

There are several leading brands that offer low-VOC and VOC-free interior paint options. Let’s take a look…

  • Behr, the Home Depot staple, has a whole range of zero VOC paints that come in all finishes.
  • Benjamin Moore has a strain called Natura, which is a water-based paint that doesn’t need a primer.
  • Yolo Colorhouse is a super green option, boasting nearly ninety colors with completely carcinogen-free ingredients.
  • Sherwin-Williams offers an acrylic latex paint that boasts zero VOCs and natural mold prevention ingredients.

While low-VOC and zero-VOC paints can be a little pricier than standard paints, the environmental and health impacts far outweigh the extra cost. And as consumers are becoming more conscientious about the VOC content and quality of their interior paint, manufacturers are beginning to provide a greater range of colors and options.

Professional Interior Painters with VOC Free Paint

If you’re looking to paint your home’s interior and you’re curious about VOCs and your color options, look no further than Jalapeno Paint Werx! We’re your local Chicagoland painting experts, and we’re here to keep you educated on all the ins and outs before you decide to paint your home.

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