Should You Paint Your Brick Fireplace?

If you ask a group of random people whether or not painting your brick fireplace is a good idea, you won’t come away with a conclusive answer. Some will say absolutely yes, some will poke you in the eye for suggesting it, and others will just not want to commit. Give it a try, they’ll say.

Here’s the real answer: if the job is done well, it can look fantastic. But, you do need to be committed to the transformation – until you work the bugs out of your time machine, there will be no going back.

How about a real-life example?

Painting a Brick Fireplace in Naperville, IL

Here’s the fireplace as we found it. Not bad, but definitely a dominant, earthy presence in the room. In order to lighten, brighten, and modernize the aesthetic a bit, our Naperville client asked us to paint it a crisp white.

painting a brick fireplace


After thorough cleaning and prep (the keys to any good interior painting project), we primed the surface.

painting a brick fireplace

Then, we applied the topcoat: Decorators White PM-3. What do you think?

painting a brick fireplace

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