Should I Paint My Floors? 5 Things to Know About Interior Floor Painting

interior floor painting

Floors…we all have them. Some interior floors are hardwood, some are laminate, and others are plain concrete. Some floors are nicer than others, but we try not to judge.

When people ask us about interior painting, floors aren’t always the first thing on their mind. But the fact is, there are a lot of ways you can spice up your home with painted floors. Take a look at this article by Apartment Therapy to see some painted floors in action!

When it comes to floor painting, it really pays to have the job done professionally. Some folks go to town on their floors without properly preparing, and they usually regret it when things start peeling and chipping away.

5 Things to Know About Floor Painting

should I paint my floors

  1. Preparation is key. For starters, make sure the room is empty and that the floors have been wiped clean. It takes primer, multiple thin layers, and sealant to solidify your floor paint, so make sure you can live without that room until the project is finished!
  2. Protect your floor. While having your floor coated with sealant is a healthy final step, there’s more you can do in the long run to keep your floor spectacular. Well-placed area rugs can both complement and protect your floors, and using footers under furniture prevents the potential for scraping and scuffing.
  3. Watch out for traffic. Painted floors can really make a living space pop. Keeping that in mind, try avoiding hallways that get heavy foot traffic. Treat your painted floor like an accent wall, and show it off in a lived-in space!
  4. Be color conscious. Light colors will show dirt and wear more readily than darker colors. Consider a darker accent color that highlights other permanent fixtures in the room.
  5. Know your surface. This one’s easy enough. Unfinished hardwood floors hold certain paints very well, and so do stone tiles. Cement floors are another ideal surface. When it comes to synthetics like laminate tile or planks, paint usually won’t do the trick.

Hire Professional Painters for Your Floor Painting Needs

There’s a lot that goes into floor painting. Before you make any big plans, have one of our professionals come by to have a look. Our experience will be a big help as you plan your floor painting project, and we’ll be certain to get the job done right!

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