Painting Basement Walls with Mold and Mildew-Proof Paint in Yorkville, IL

Finished basements are awesome, aren’t they? They can be your ticket to adding the extra space you need, whether it be a family room, office suite, or that home theater you’ve always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, there is one mortal enemy of underground living spaces that can really dampen your enthusiasm… literally.


And, beyond obvious moisture problems like waking up to an unplanned inground pool in your basement, moisture can make a more sneaky, insidious appearance by vapor transmission through your foundation walls. In fact, prior to finishing the space, many home improvement and building contractors will tape a sheet of plastic to the concrete to see if condensation collects either inside or outside the sheet.

The key is to first work with a remodeling professional who knows how to protect you and your underground assets. And, the second step is to invest in quality products and improvements that will lessen the threat of moisture damage.

Painting Concrete Walls with Mold and Mildew-Resistant Primer and Paint

How about a real-life example?

This client of ours in Yorkville, IL, is planning their own basement finishing adventure. As part of their remodeling process, they contacted us to lend a hand with strategic pre-treatment and interior painting.

Our goal here was to simply add an extra level of protection against mold and mildew by applying a high-quality mildewcide paint.

painting basement walls

mildewcide paint on basement walls

Knowing that there is a coating behind the drywall that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, and odor-causing bacteria provides a lot of peace of mind too. After all, your basement should be a fun retreat, not a source of frustration.

Do You Need a Chicagoland Painting Contractor?

If so, give us a call at Jalapeno Paint Werx! Whether you need a high-end paint finish for your great room or a basement pre-treatment to protect your finished space, we are here to help.

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