Perfect Interior Paint Picks For Kids & Pets

perfect paint kids & pets

Hello, Autumn! Cooler temperatures will soon bring both the children and the pets back inside to play. Want to keep your interior walls looking pristine through errant soccer balls, wet dogs and sticky fingers? Read on to find the perfect interior paint picks for kids and pets. Bonus? You’ll be pretty happy too!

Think Washable Paint for Kids & Pets

Picking paint with a high durability factor means you’ll be able to wipe down strained peas in the kitchen, chocolate fingerprints along the wall, and handle Fido’s shakedown after a rainy morning walk. Many modern paints are fairly durable, but to stack the odds in your favor, you may want to consider a semi-gloss finish for those areas subject to your greatest challenges. Think entry way, mudroom and finished basement. And maybe even the kitchen as well!

The Perfect Paint Color Means Easier Cleanup

It’s possible that mud-brown may seem the perfect choice for especially messy days, but in general, you don’t need to go to quite that extreme. It just means that you may not want to choose snow-white for the downstairs family room, where the kids bounce the tennis ball off the walls for the dog. This one’s just common sense; find a color you like that lands somewhere in the middle, where every single scuff and mark won’t be immediately obvious. Not sure what would work best? No worries, do a color consultation and get some advice from someone who does color every single day.

Low VOC Paint is Perfect for Kids & Pets

Reducing paint fumes is good for everyone, but especially important for children and pets. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are fumes that get released into the atmosphere as paint dries.  Our kiddos are still developing and growing and we want to keep them healthy. And our furry (or feathered, or scaled) friends can’t really tell us if they’re having respiratory issues. It’s up to us to keep everyone safe. Choose low odor, low VOC paint to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Choosing the perfect paint for both kids and pets means you’ll have more time to join in the fun, and less mess to clean up!




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