Residential and Commercial Painting

Jalapeno Paint Werx is one of the most accredited residential and commercial painting companies in the Chicagoland area. This company, based out of Naperville, IL, serves the city and its surrounding suburbs. Contact Jalapeno Paint Werx for all of your home painting needs, including:

Work with Jalapeno Paint Werx on all of your upcoming residential and commercial painting projects. Contact one of the sales representatives at 630-527-1829 for more information or request your estimate now!

Residential Services

Whether you are painting a brand new home, updating your existing color palette, or getting ready to sell, Jalapeno Paint Werx provides outstanding residential services. No matter what surface you need painted or stained, the professionals at Jalapeno Paint Werx can handle it! Some of the most common residential painting they do includes:

  • Fences
  • Cabinets
  • Walls
  • Shutters 
  • Doors and trim

Hire Jalapeno Paint Werx today for both your residential and commercial painting services!

Commercial Services

Commercial painting services at Jalapeno Paint Werx can include spaces such as offices, warehouses, and apartment complexes. Jalapeno Paint Werx is also familiar working on jobs for restaurants, schools, and small shops. Whatever the circumstances are, professional commercial painting can be contracted through Jalapeno Paint Werx!

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Get in touch with Jalapeno Paint Werx now for all of your residential and commercial painting needs! Set up your consultation today by calling a representative at 630-527-1829.