Residential Interior Painting

Jalapeno Paint Werx is a leading company in the Chicagoland area providing excellent residential interior painting services from Naperville, IL. Interior work from the painting contractors at Jalapeno Paint Werx includes:

Everything you need to spruce up the surfaces with paint or stain can be found at Jalapeno Paint Werx! The residential interior painting contractors use premium materials and the Jalapeno Way checklist on every project to ensure detailed and perfected work. Call 630-527-1829 to schedule a consultation or request an estimate now!

Professionalism at every turn

Working with Jalapeno Paint Werx on your residential interior painting job is truly an experience to remember! From the proposal to the contract, through the color consultation and painting, and all the way to the final walkthrough, the project manager keeps the customer in the know consistently. 

Using the Jalapeno Way, your project manager and crew have a detailed checklist to follow and points of contact to provide you with along the way. Never feel left in the dark at any moment with Jalapeno Paint Werx running the show!

Work with a sales associate today by calling 630-527-1829. Schedule an estimate and let Jalapeno Paint Werx know what you want in your residential interior painting project.