Residential Painters

Thanks to the partnership with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, you are able to hire skilled and certified residential painters when you trust your home projects with Jalapeno Paint Werx. Whether you need interior painting or exterior painting, the project managers you can find at Jalapeno Paint Werx come with over 15 years of experience and a fully staffed crew ready to tackle any project, large or small.

To get started hiring residential painters for your painting project, schedule an estimate today or call Jalapeno Paint Werx at 630-527-1829.

Indoor, outdoor, and more!

Jalapeno Paint Werx provides residential and commercial painting services to the greater Chicagoland areas from Naperville, IL. Although most projects stay within a designated radius, Jalapeno Paint Werx is happy to take on projects outside of this zone on a case-by-case basis.

Your residential painters come equipped with some of the best materials and skills in the area! Before they get started, take advantage of an in-house design session. Featuring the boldest and brightest colors, along with trends in styles, timeless neutrals, and more, your design session will help spark creativity and settle on a new, cohesive look for your home.

All residential painters employed at Jalapeno Paint Werx follow the Jalapeno Way checklist, which makes sure every project is done above and beyond satisfaction. Call Jalapeno Paint Werx at 630-527-1829 and get started today!