Top Five Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

Semi-Gloss TrimWe’re all tempted. Standing in the paint aisle, it seems so inspiring, so infinitely doable. And you can. Given enough time, the proper materials, the skills, and the experience.

So, why hire a contractor?

We’ve got five top reasons why you should hire professional painters.

Professional Painters Bring Experience

While it seems like painting is a skill easily mastered, in reality it takes time. Hiring a quality local painter gives you immediate access to years of experience and skill. From evaluating the current condition to complete preparation and two-coat finish, craftspeople bring a lot to the table.

Professional Painters Have Extensive Product Knowledge

Latex, oil-based, low-VOCs, no-VOCs. Flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss. Painting contractors know which paint goes where, and they can recommend the best paint and finish for your particular situation. Are allergies an issue in your home? A professional painter will point you in the direction of the best paint for you. Got dogs? No worries.  A professional painter help you choose the best finish, so cleaning up after Fido becomes that much easier.

Professional Painters Know Color

VOC paints

Living and breathing color is part of the job and their passion.  Painters are happy to offer suggestions based on your lifestyle and your preferences.  They can help you choose colors that complement your existing rooms, or help you develop a whole new color palette.  Just schedule a color consultation.

Professional Painters Prep Before Painting

Actual painting is only part of the job. Preparation before painting takes care of all those dings in the walls. And those holes from where the artwork hung. And that spot where the water leaked in. Professional painters know that a quality job can only begin after proper surface preparation. Taking the time to clean and prepare the surface ensures your paint will adhere well and stand up to the rigors of your everyday life.

Professional Painters Add Value to Your Home

Hiring a professional painter takes your job to the next level, and the quality shows. A painting craftsperson is committed to providing  quality service, taking pride in getting every last detail perfect. From prepping to taping to that final brushstroke, the job is clean, neat and professional in every way. They stand behind their work, developing long-term customer relationships that benefit both parties. Together, you build a stronger community. Your community.



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