Trends in Interior Paint Colors

Every year, Pantone introduces a new color(s) of the year. Every year, trends in interior paint colors change, which makes keeping up with the Joneses harder and harder. At Jalapeno Paint Werx, you get expert guidance and personalized assistance in choosing your new paint colors. 

Whether you want your home to stay neutral or you love bold, saucy colors, you will find what you need here! 

Services at JPW!

Jalapeno Paint Werx specializes in many painting services around the Chicagoland area, including:

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Your Color Consultation

During your color consultation, you can get an eye-opening experience to the trends in interior paint colors. Even choosing neutrals changes throughout the years! Find out what colors complement your current style and how you can amp up the visuals in your home. Taking a note from trends in interior paint colors can help bring a new, vibrant look to your living space.

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