How to Use Black in Interior Painting (Yep, We Said Interior!)

The color black might be seeing some challengers in the fashion world, but when it comes to interior painting, it is starting to displace some of the long-time favorites. As surprising as that may seem, it’s true; black interior paint isn’t just for moody coffee shops anymore!

So, what are people doing with black? How can it be used in interior painting?

Black Interior Doors

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One of the safest ways to use black is on your interior doors. Whether you go with a glossy, jet black, or a less reflective slate, there are lots of ways to make a bold statement with a black door, without overwhelming a room. It draws the eye and adds visual interest, but without being complex. It also ties in with other black items in a room, giving more balance and unity.

Black Accent Walls

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An accent wall is a wonderful way to use a bold color in your interior painting, without the risk of overpowering the space. When you paint a whole room with a dark color, it also runs the risk of becoming too dim or dreary. Accent walls are fantastic because they give you the opportunity to use a striking color, even a dark one, without those negative effects.

An accent wall draws the eye and becomes a focal point, so you want to choose a wall that makes sense. Select a wall with clear borders, rather than one that connects from one room to the next. Also, make sure it does not have too many interruptions in the wall, such as doors, windows, or cabinets. Finally, choose a wall that feels right as a focal point, that could make sense as the “front” of a room. If it is a wall that is clearly a “side” wall in terms of how the furniture and features are oriented, an accent wall will feel off-balance.

Black Ceiling

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Things are looking up for black these days, as more and more style-aware homeowners are using it on the ceiling. If you use a glossy black, it reflects light and feels brighter, more sleek, and modern. Others prefer a matte finish, which absorbs light and feels more moody and mysterious. Either way, a black ceiling stands out in a crowd, giving a solid, steady sense of class.

Black Trim

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If your walls are white or gray, then black might be just the paint color you need to add some definition to your room. Using black on your trim provides a bold outline to the features of the room, including door frames, baseboards, crown molding, and window trim. And when it comes to trim, go glossy or go home!

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