Wall Painting

Crisp, clean lines and no paint drips are just a few of the incentives of hiring professionals for your wall painting needs. Jalapeno Paint Werx provides only the most skilled and careful painters for residential and commercial wall painting services around the Chicagoland area.

Some of the basic services offered at Jalapeno Paint Werx include: 

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Hire Professionals

Wall painting is both time consuming and tedious for people that do not paint often or have odd angles and large spaces in their homes. Edging, taping, and multiple coats can soon become a frustrating task. 

Jalapeno Paint Werx eliminates the process for customers and gives their homes the finished look they deserve. Stay in touch with the project manager assigned to your wall painting job during the process. The Jalapeno Way checklist gives homeowners a detailed map of their project progression and benchmarks along the way. 

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