What’s the Best Interior Paint Color for Resale?

When it’s time to sell your home, you want to employ every strategy in the book to ensure that your property stands out from the pack. Baking bread, decluttering, leaving out cookies (a little tasty incentive never hurts), furiously cleaning… There are a whole host of tactics you can try. In fact, we shared a wonderful guest post recently that outlines practical ways to stage your Chicagoland home for resale: Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home.  You won’t want to miss that one!

Today, let’s focus on paint colors. How can you make your home that much more appealing with only brushes and rollers?

Interior Paint Colors That Sell

First, we recommend that you focus on painting those spaces that need it most. Look for high-traffic surfaces (hallways, entries, your living room, etc.) that are more tired than they are inviting. Start there!

Neutral paint colors are also universally recommended. Why? Well, not only are they stylish, but they also leave room for a prospective buyer’s imagination. An electric green dining room is tough to look past, but a warm neutral allows them to more easily envision their own belongings in the space. Plus, lighter colors help to maximize natural light and make a room feel, well, roomier. That’s always good, right?

And remember, neutral colors don’t need to be white or off-white. In fact, unless you really dig the clinical look, we’d recommend steering clear of those more sterile options.


Did you know that blue bathrooms have been shown to add tangible dollars to resale value? Check out this full article for a closer look.

Neutrals Aren’t ALWAYS King


Here’s another insight that you’ll want to keep in mind.

If your home is a bit on the colorful side (we applaud you!), don’t be ashamed of it or feel that you need to paint over those colors with greige. Buyers like to feel that the home they’re buying has been loved, cared for, and enjoyed. It helps to create a psychological connection, much more so than a home that looks stunning but lifeless.

So, if you can’t live without your vibrant colors, just make sure they’re tasteful and in good condition. Those who walk through your home will pick up on your enthusiasm and love for the spaces, and that can be a major seller in itself.

Partner with a Professional Painting Company

The best way to guarantee that your home is ready to sell is to create a painting/updating strategy with a trusted local painter.

If you live here in Chicagoland, be sure to give us a call at Jalapeno Paint Werx. We’re ready to help you spice up your space!

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