What’s the Right Interior Paint Color for Your Office?

Is it getting time to paint your office? Before you do, be sure you do your homework and select the best possible colors!

Too many businesses overlook their interior paint, often settling for whatever neutral shade the management left behind. Sometimes, they’ll end up renting a space for years or decades and never touch the walls. In our opinion, this is a big missed opportunity!

Investing in an interior paint job for your office is a smart move, no matter what your industry. Not only does it freshen up the space where you and your staff spend the majority of your time, but it also affects customers’ perception of your company and your value.

Tips for Finding the Right Colors for Your Industry

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First and foremost, your company’s branding plays a key role in color choice. It’s important to stay consistent with your color scheme across the board! That said, if your company pallet is pretty neutral or flexible, you’re in a great position to get creative with color.

Here’s a pro tip: While you can paint your office any old time, consider finding out when the building management intends to change the carpets. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with clashing walls!

Here are some common color choices, broken down by industry:

  • Red, orange, yellow – These colors spark energy and are associated with a good value. In the right combinations, they work well for restaurants, kitchens, and retail spaces.
  • White, gray, beige – While some can find these shades blank or boring, they have a high-end appeal when they’re done right! Tech companies, design firms, and marketing companies often employ great combinations of these colors.
  • Blue, silver, purple – Shades of blue affect people’s emotional response to a room. They are softer and more relaxing than other options, and have a universal appeal. They’re great for insurance, legal, and medical practices, where customer comfortability is important.
  • Green and brown – If you’re looking to boost creativity and promote a natural work environment, find the perfect shade of green! When accented with a dark shade of brown, greens can look clean and bright, while also promoting trust and positivity. They’re perfect for consultation, financial institutions, and creative firms.

Want to see more? This handy article on color psychology has some pointers that can help you pick the right shade that will give your company a strategic edge! You can also visit our blog or color consultation page for more information on how we can help.

Looking for Commercial Painters in the Chicago Area?

Jalapeno Paint Werx is the team for you! We service businesses with quality interior painting throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond.

Here are some of the commercial spaces we’ve painted:

  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Medical Offices
  • Country Clubs

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