White Fireplace Paint

Brighten and lighten your entire space by choosing white fireplace paint for your next interior painting project. Light paint keeps your interiors cooler and gives a bright, clean canvas for the rest of your home. Changing up a focal point will give your entire space a vibrant, new look.

Let Jalapeno Paint Werx help make your white fireplace paint dreams a reality! Hire interior painters to renovate this and many other parts of your home. Call 630-527-1829 or schedule a free estimate now! 

Update Your Interiors: Modern Colors  

Clean and simple colors, such as black and white, are on trend today! Jalapeno Paint Werx color consultant has the inside scoop on what you can do to add new life to your interiors. Changing your dull, redbrick fireplace into a modern staple is easy with a few expert painters and some white fireplace paint!

Other areas of your home that can benefit from a modern pop of color include:

  • Trim
  • Doors
  • Cabinets 
  • Railings

Start with an estimate, move on to your color consultation, and wait patiently for the project manager to get your home underway! 

Start Small, Then Go Big

An estimate will give you a great idea of budget before you start renovating your entire interior. It is okay to start small if you have to. Jalapeno Paint Werx can come into your home with white fireplace paint to start, and help you achieve other changes down the road. For more information on setting up your interior painting, call 630-527-1829 to set up a consultation!