Why Rooms With More Windows Cost More to Paint

So, why do rooms with windows cost more to paint???

Do you remember cutting shapes from construction paper when you were a child? Circles and triangles were easy to manage. Stars were a little more tricky; there were so many things you had to cut around, being careful not to nip off the star points. Painting is the same way.

Painting Windows Adds Time

While it’s true there is a little less square footage to paint, skilled painters know that windows require a little more time. Normally, the window trim and sash will be painted with a higher gloss paint than the walls. Careful cutting in makes for a neat end result, and your painter will strive for a clean, sharp edge and no fuzzy overlap.

Windows must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped before painting begins to ensure a smooth finish and working apparatus once the paint is dry.  A professional painter will be careful not to encroach on vinyl or mar natural wood elements.

Part of the preparation work involves cleaning up and removing any drips or caked-on paint around window moldings to achieve a clean, back-to-new look.

Tools of the Trade

Anyone who has picked up a paintbrush to repaint around a window knows that it isn’t easy. What kind of tape should I use? How do I get the paint off the glass? What should I do now that I’ve removed both the tape and a strip of paint? It’s easy to get frustrated and sign up for numerous trips to big box home improvement stores. We’ve all been there on Saturday morning, and sometimes we’re on our third trip back by Saturday afternoon.

Professional painters bring all the necessary tools and the skills to do the job right the first time. There’s no guesswork about the proper products to choose, or the right tools to use. A quality painting contractor has a lot more than a paintbrush in their back pocket.

Clearly A Better Choice

Once you’ve done battle with inferior tape, paintbrushes that are too wide or too narrow, and a thousand other small details, it’s a little easier to see why a painting professional has the advantage. If you’re ready to get started on a new project, call on a painting contractor that is part of your local community. Find someone known for quality work, and then take a look at what they’ve done. Picking the right professional is a skill you can easily master. And it all begins with a conversation.

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